Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Counter Attacking

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This coaching session develops counter-attacking skills, encouraging players to break quickly, be positive and be clinical.

In this activity our players get lots of counter-attack opportunities in a realistic small-sided game environment.

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Counter Attacking

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Counter Attacking
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Learning Objectives

Technical Tactical
Communication, Defending, Shot Stopping, Shooting, Finishing

Counter Attacking (25 mins)

Skills Developed

Finishing, Passing, Control, Shot Stopping


2 Number Goals


Markers / Cones

Set Up

1 Goal at each end complete with GK. In the centre of the pitch mark an area of 10x10.

Both teams will set up with 2 attackers, 2 midfielders (who start inside the 10x10) and 1

striker. The coach will start play by calling out the name of 1 of the GKs. The chosen GK will roll the ball to 1 of his defenders. Simultaneously the 2 midfielders on the same team can attack making it a 3v2.

The 2 opposing midfielders must remain in the 10x10 but can still interfere if they get chance.

If the defending team win the ball the attacking midfielders must return to the 10x10. Simultaneously

the 2 defending midfielders become attackers

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