Football/Soccer Session (Academy Sessions): Receiving Skills

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Receiving skills

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Receiving skills
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Receiving skills


•Mark out playing area (Approx. 30x30yrds).

•Split group into two. One works as one serves.


Players work randomly from server to server completing the relevant receiving skill, before swapping jobs. The first two segments allow players to get a feel of the drill and a feel of the ball. Parts 3, 4 and 5 contain the real coaching points and the info builds as we progress.

1. Receive ball and pass back, using both feet (one touch for advanced players). Allow plenty of time to allow players to get a feel for the drill and the ball. Swap jobs.

2. Receive from server, perform a skill using quick feet, before passing back to server. Use both feet. Allow them to express themselves but encourage keeping their heads up. Swap jobs.

3. The third part is where we begin our real work. Instead of approaching the server square-on, approach him at an angle and his body ‘open’ so he can see the server and most of his team-mates. Swap jobs.

4. Players approach at an angle with an open body. Before the player receives, he must check over his shoulder to see what is around him, and receive the ball on his back foot (the foot furthest from the server). Once he receives, turn out as if to play away, before turning back and returning the ball to the server.

5. Here, we bring all of the elements together. The player replicates what happens in point 4. However, once he turns out, he can dribble away and find a free server.


1. Approach team-mate to receive at an angle.

2. Players’ turn their head to look and take in as much information as possible.

3. Receive ball with an ‘open body’.

4. Receive ball on their ‘back foot’. Watch the ball all the way into the first touch.

5. Depending on the weight of pass, players may need to cushion or withdraw their foot upon contact with the ball to take the weight off the pass.

6. Once you receive, can players’ turn and play out, or must they protect the ball with their body and play backwards? (with opposition).


1. To add an extra dynamism to the end of the session, players can receive from a server, find and pass to a spare server, and take his place, so everyone is working at the same time with limited rest.

2. Add 2 players that act as defenders and try to ‘pinch’ possession from those working.

3. Make area bigger to work on receiving longer passes.


Increase the size of the area to a) lengthen passes and improve receiving longer passes, or b) make players to work harder in fitness terms.

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