Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Small Sided Games

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Touch Post 3v3

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Touch Post 3v3
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Touch Post 3v3 (25 mins)


2 Large goals

Split up group in 2 teams amognst the 3 cones on each side

Balls start split up in each teams goal


- Players will play 3v3

- If team A scores they must run back and touch their post before they can defend team B

- Next 3 players from team B will quickly recieve the ball from their keeper and attack on team A

- If the ball goes out, the keeper on that half of the field will start with it

- Games to 7

- If one team scores 3 consecutive goals, rotate the next 3 in

- If a game lasts longer than 1 minute, both teams are off

- 1 touch goal = 2 points



- Spatial awareness - pass or dribble forward

- Quick finishes


- Make the field compact

- Pressure/cover

Coaching Points


- Find little windows to shoot

- Determine which the best finish is (Power v Placement)

- Combination plays


- Angle and speed of pressure

- Drop at an angle to cover

- Keep it compact, don't get split

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