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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1
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Screen 1

Grid size

30 x 30

eqpt for 16 players

8 manequins, 8 footballs, 5 poles,


warm up with dynamic football specific movements, developing acceleration and deceleration with football movement


player on outside of box hold ball and acts as feeder to player behind manequin.

starts with feeder passing ball to feet player inside circle passes back then turns then fast away to pole the decelerate to centre poles . accelerate through to another outter pole once reached decelerate to manequin and perform skill by finding to another server and repeat now of the other foot. server dribbles ball between feet

1 min each then swap

2. players now once passed have to touch a pole then change direction to find another server, server dribbles ball around cone with ball between feet ( lots of touches) on balls of feet.

1 min each then swap

3. dynamics (1)

4. as above this time server holds in hands

player stand directly behind manequin and volleys as shown using inside of foot this is then repeated of other foot then find another server 45s then on command use outside of foot then on command laces servers gradualy increase ROM of players by serving wider and higher

2 mins 15 s each then swap

5. players now do 1 volley streching out so that foot is above hip hieght on finish turn out go through poles then find another server using other foot.

6. dynamics (2)

7. players now head the ball and on landing imediatly turn and find another ball still be behind manequin.

server does squat matrix in between

45 s each then swap

8. dynamics (3)

9. ball back on floor passed with feet- player inside starts opposite server then runs to manequin checks off to recieve the ball then passes back and turns out to another server

1 min each then swap

key point

gradual increase in intensity ensuring players ability to decrease and increase speed before raising intensity.

total time 25 mins.

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