Football/Soccer Session (Beginner): Ball Mastery

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 1

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 1
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1 (20 mins)


- No more than 2 players are allowed in any one zone at the same time. There are 16 zones available for the players to move through freely. If 3 players are in the same zone for more than a few seconds without reacting (eg move quickly into free zone or zone with only one player) then those particular 3 players are asked to dribble around the entire zone with the ball.

- Players must avoid colliding with discs(defenders) and teammates...(Awareness)

- Players have a ball each and have to perform the following ball mastery skills while keeping in mind the conditions which have been set:

-Stop ball, take another ball.

-Stop ball, touch any disc, take another ball.

-Stop ball, touch any two discs, take another ball.

-Stop ball, header motion, take another ball.

-Stop ball, high shoulder challenge, take another ball.

-Stop ball, 10 shuffles.

-Stop ball, 10 toe-taps.

-Left/Right foot only.

-Approach teammate, both perform sole stops, take away teammates ball.

- Each Player now performs various skills within their own zone:

-Shuffle, outside right/shuffle, outside left.

-Shuffle, drag inside right/shuffle, drag inside left.

-Toe-taps forwards/backwards.

-Fake to shoot right sole drag/fake to shoot left sole drag.

-V Pull-push, pull right, push right/pull left, push left.

-Double push outside right/double push outside left.

-Drag right, stepover right, outside left/drag left, stepover left, outside right.

-Drag right, stepover right, left, outside right/drag left, stepover left, right, outside left.

-First touch, throw ball into air, control the ball without leaving the zone, foot, knee, chest.

-Dribble, stop, start.

-Dribble, stop, start, cruyff opposite direction.

-Keep Up's

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