Football/Soccer Session (Advanced): S73. 'Hagi' Inside the Box 1vs1. Finishing

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Dave Benning
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This is a finishing skill exercise with a high level of being proactive inside the penalty box. It was first presented by the technical director of the Georghe Hagi Football Academy in Romania. A few elements have enhanced the speed and direction required for all players to be alert and react to the next action.  

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Decision Making and 1vs1 Inside the Box

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Decision Making and 1vs1 Inside the Box
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Decision Making and 1vs1 Inside the Box


6-9 Players + GK (manequinns) Service Player/Coach w/in Penalty Box

Starting Point:

Play is 'DEAD' after a goal is scored, with a pass from Player 'A' passing to Player 'C'. Player 'A' is out of the game is defender has won possession and plays to the Coach.


If the GK wins possession and throws to the Coach, Player 'C' looks to receive service from the Coach while being under pressure from 'B'

If at any time the defender wins possession, s/he is to transition to being offensive minded by: Playing a pass to the Coach ('A' can prevent) and receive a return pass and attack the goal OR  dribble out of the box and receive a pass from the Coach and attack the goal

Either way, transition to attack is after receiving service from the Coach. In both situations the defender from the opposite side of the goal enters to play 1vs1. Play always continues until a goal is scored.

If Player 'C' misses the goal, Player 'B' transitions immediately from defending to attacking by approaching the Coach for a pass. Player 'A' returns to starting position. Player 'B' receives a pass from the Coach and attacks the goal while under pressure from Player 'A' who now has entered the play to defend 1vs1.

Coaching Points: 

 Touch direction towards goal or away from pressure, place the shot

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