Football/Soccer Session (Difficult): Indoor Defensive Shape

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Indoor Defensive Shape

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Indoor Defensive Shape
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Indoor Defensive Shape (20 mins)


Full half of indoor field. Balls at GK. Opposite side has 2-3 small nets. Attackers start in 2 lines but can progress to 3 lines. 

Zones: 1 and 2

Training load: moderate to high


GK to serve balls to any Attacker. Attacking team to build possession, looking to score on GK.Defenders are looking to Delay time and space and win ball, looking to score on any of the 3 nets. 

Key Factors:

Defending in Pairs and as unit. Looking to cut off path towards net. Speed and angle of approach. Constant communication. Looking to delay the attack with Pressure, cover, balance

Looking to cur off the space quickly. Pressing on cues= bad pass, while ball is moving or in air.


1) When outside attacker receives ball, DF should have already Pressed and cut of space towards goal. 2nd defender to Balance space in central channel. 

2) As ball is switched to opposite side, DEF must pivot and the 2nd DEF now becomes 1st DEF

3) DEF must coordinate movements with each other. 

In Possession: DEF and GK looking to play 3v2 quickly to play ball into nets(representing penetrating passes into space)


Add an extra player for defending team(CDM) - Creating a triangle in middle 

Add 3rd line of attackers

Limit touches of attacking team to score.

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