Football/Soccer Session (Difficult): Everton Box Passing Drill for 3 cm movement

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Everton Box Passing Drill progression

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Everton Box Passing Drill progression
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Everton Box Passing Drill progression (20 mins)

Everton Box Passing Drill for 3 cm movement

•Set up a 40x20 grid with 2 cones in the middle of the grid 10 yards apart. 2 more cones 10 yards closer from the middle cones.

•Have a line of people at each cone around the grid and 1 person on each of the 4 cones in the middle.

player with a 1 marker check towards the ball and central very deep. They receive a pass from player 2, keep the ball safe side and make a pass to the player marked 3 who has moved forward to join into the play.

Player 4 moved to the ball side when 2 passed to player 1 and has now created a large chanel to move into.

Player 3 passes to player 4. Player 4 now sets to player 1 who switches the pitch to player 5 who is now ready to run the same shape on the other side with player 6 acting in the holding cm role that player 1 did previously.


Player 2 is a defender and must visualize pressure coming from the edge so they play the ball inside to player 1.

Player 1 must show deep and central to create space for player 4 to be an option in a game.

Player 1 is feeling pressure so can't turn and plays safe foot to the other fullback marked 3.

Player 4 must move into the space created by player 1 showing to feet. This will also create space on the weekside for when the ball is switched

Player 3 is looking up the pitch and sees the chanel for player 4 and passes to them.

Player 4 should be checking shoulder and receiving on the back foot. No turn is available so a set to player 1 is the choice.

Player 1 after they bounce it to player 4 must show to feet and keep proper spacing off player 4 to receive a set and simulate game spacing.

Player 1 now looks for player 5 who is acting as a wing mid in this scenario

Player 5 should be assumign that they are marked and check up and in on the pitch to create space wide to recieve the ball outside the cone.

Player 5 now switches their thinking and becomes the fullback receiving the ball back from a mid and feeling pressure wide so they bring the ball inside to play through the center mid and the same movement now happens on the other side.

Note, both sides should be doing this at the same time. 2 balls in play.

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