Football/Soccer Session (Academy Sessions): 2nd November 2012 reaction movement

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1
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Screen 1

Grid size

each grid is 10x10

overall size is 20x30


to raise reaction time to various stimuli


1. to switch on

each player stand opposite each other in a grid in the athletic stance with hamnds on knees . a ball is on the floor 1m from each player between them.

on coach command each player performs e.f. feet then players touch feet "grass" and players touch grass. when coach calls ball player picks the ball up and wins a point


players on command of ball have to perform a side lunge before picking up the ball. then squat jump, forward lunge, turn, down and up.

progression is rock paper siccors

winner performs lunges looser back pedals to line squats then runs back

2. ladder drills

to encourage fast foot movement

linear lateral 1foot 2 foot then finaly back

3. box runs

each player facing the same direction proceeds around the box marked out with cones 5m apart. face forwards then left lateral/right lateral and finaly backward, progression is get to do with a ball.

4. a progression from 3 here with a partner perform mirror drill first lateral only player following challenge to stay 1m and no more from opponent, progression is to then move linear and finaly multi directional. progression here as a challenge can you get around your opponent.

5. with a partner opposite and 1 ball between each place ball next to cone 5 m away from manequin

on command players run in to manequin and touch then drop off back toward cone then pass recieve then repeat as above, this is to start to make more game specific the movements involved.

6. clock mirror drill

4 players per 4 point clock like a diamond shape each player comes into middle and on command of coach goes to that time then back to the middle

progression is diamond mirror

where each player stands next to a cone and the head of the diamond player moves upto 2 paces in any direction always returning back to the middle.

# if player turns around then whoever is now facing the front becomes the leader.

progression is try to do with a ball- each player has a ball and must do as before but now while controlling the ball.



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