Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): SSG: 10v5 Transition

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): SSG: 10v5 Transition

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): SSG: 10v5 Transition
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SSG: 10v5 Transition (15 mins)


1. Set up as shown (40x40yds)

2. Three teams of 5 players.

3. Plenty of balls.


1. Three teams of 5 players playing 10v5.

2. Blue Team plays vs Red Team. Grey is neutral.

3. If Red wins possession of the ball they use GREY to maintain possession while expanding their position as target players in zones/boxes shown.

4. When blue/grey loses possession, Blue must counter-press inside.


10 Passes - 1 point

Win posession and complete 2 passes - 3 points.

Coaching Points:

1: Pressing: when we have #'s around the ball. 1st defender presses and forces play to defensive numbers. Supporting players close passing lanes. Entire group needs to be focus on roles and ability to kill the options and minimize space & time 1st attacker has.

2: Organize: when numbers are scattered around the field. Regain defensive shape and channel play into tight areas while looking for opportunity to close down the player on the ball.

3. Speed of transition: IMPULSE TO WIN THE BALL BACK.

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