Football/Soccer Session (Academy Sessions): (PDP) Phase of play attacking practice

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John Evans
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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): (PDP) Phase of play attacking practice

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): (PDP) Phase of play attacking practice
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(PDP) Phase of play attacking practice

Practice organisation



- Half pitch with goals at each end, as illustrated.

- 18 players (incl. 2GKs) organised 9v9, supply of balls by goal with GK.

- Practice starts with: GK rolling ball to either FB for attacking team.

- FB is limited to 2 touches & must play ball into MF.


- Central MF players for Defending team look to screen the defence.

- If Ds gain possession: they try to build quick attack & have 10 seconds to achieve a strike at goal.


Objective of practice is:

- As look for opportunities to build attacks & penetrate opposition with inventive individual, combination &

direct play.

- Once attack &/or counter-attack has concluded: practice restarts from GK again.



- Quality & timing of As passing & movement.

- Receiving, screening & turning skills in MF & attacking areas.

- Effective ball retention in all areas & precise passing execution.

- Individual creativity in 1v1 situations, looking for goal scoring opportunities.

- Depth of Ds back line & position of screening player.

- Ds marking & covering positions.

- Speed & precision of counter-attack by Ds, breaking from back & MF areas.

- Concentration of As defenders to safeguard against possible counter-attack.


Simple progression for this practice is:

- Introduce 4 additional players & play 11v11 on a full-size pitch.


Key coaching points


- Speed & movement of ball by As.

- Individual & combined decisions on passing, dribbling, turning & running with the ball options.

- Movement & support to exploit space available in front, behind & between Ds.

- Maintaining composure in possession, looking for penetrating pass, but having patience to explore alternative options.

- Pass selection: when to play to feet, when to play to space.

- Communication & coordination of team movement to unbalance Ds.




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