Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): passing warm up variations

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Jorge Hernandez
Name: Jorge Hernandez
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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): passing reps

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): passing reps
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passing reps


  • 2 pairs in a gate
  • 1 ball per pair
  • several gates for 10-14 players


pick 2 or 3 exercises based on ability level and intensity that players can handle

Exercise #1 

1. pairs will combine and connect 5 passes to each use two touches

2.  on the 5th pass teammate player without ball will run to opposite gate to find a new teammate 

3. pairs will continue to pass keeping up a high short passing tempo

Exercise #2

1. player will make a pass to teammate

2. receiving player will take a touch away from gate to right or left side then pass back to teammate

3. as a variation player can take a touch away with inside/or outside surface of the foot then pass back

4. after players get comfortable with 2 touches advance to 1 touch and make it a competition 

Exercise #3

1. teammate will play long pass to opposite gate then follow their pass

2. receiving player will a take a positive first touch then pass to opposite gate also following their pass

3. make it competitive first teammate to combine 15 passes says EVERTON! 

Exercise #4

1. there will now be a player in a middle of the 2 gates

2. only using 1 ball each group will have to combine with their middle player who will receive on back foot and keep passing ball from one end to the other

3. after 10 passes to each side rotate  a new middle player

4. make it competitive first team to combine 10 passes through the middle will get 1 MVP point each.

Coaching Points

-training position

-body position to receive

-head up when passing

-head up after taking first touch

-passing technique

-weight of pass 


-signal to where to receive pass

-checking in or away from pass

-thought of next action

-speed of  play

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