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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Square to Square

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Square to Square
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Square to Square

Organization: Area 30 x 15 as shown, Divide players into group of 4 and position them as shown. One grop in possession against 2 opponents in a 15x15 grid. One square is vavant to being

Description: 2 Groups compete against one another as follows: 4 Blue v 2 White in one square, with 2 white players resting outside the square at the half way line. The coach serves the ball to the blue team and they must make at least 3 passes before they can pass ball into the next square for one of the blue players to run onto. If successful all four blue players move into the next square and again try to get at least 3 passes before looking to play in the original square. If the Blue team is successful in playing into the open square the 2 defending players exit off beside the coach at half and the other 2opponents enter. If the blue team plays the ball out of the playing area play commences from a services from the coach into the 4 white players and 2 blue play as dfedeners. Every successful movement from one square to the other = 1 point. First team to 10 points wins.

Progression 1: Defending team must try to win the ball and play into their 2 resting players in the other grid to transition into maintaining possession the the other team becomes the defenders.

Progression 2: As above but 3v1, with the fourth player in the other square. Switch squares with a pass to the fourth player.

Coaching Points:

- Accurate passes with good ball speed

- Open up your body to the play when receiving a pass

- Don't support too close to the ball. Remember Distance and time

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