Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): combination movement leading to an overlap

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1
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Screen 1

Session starts with centre D playing ball out to full back and making a movement to receive ball ball so he can play ball forward to midfielder( body potion on recievin ball needs to be open and facing attacking goal).

Communication to start exercises should happen (verbal and visual) this will give the full back time to react and make his run at the right moment.

looking for quick and accurate passing (1st time if we can 2 touch if we have to)

players make movement in to positions when there team mate is about to receive the ball (makes it harder to mark and win possession)

all movements should be at angles so we can see more of the pitch and be in a good position to control and move the ball on quickly. (as you can see, play on the ball is like the tip of a triangle, support is always at a side,angle and distance)

as midfielder 1 is about to receive the pass this is midfielder 2's cue to move in to space so he can receive lay off form midfielder 1(timing of run can help us play quick passing and make it hard for other team to get set)

Now this is where we have all players on the pitch watching players movement so they can react and become part of the attack.

Up on midfield player 2 receiving the ball ( now facing the opposition goal) our winger moves inside to become an option and want the pass.

on the wingers movement the full back on his side will look to make a forward run in to the space left.

as this run is happening the winger lays the ball back in to the midfield 2 players path, this will lead to a 1st time ball in to space for the full back to move on to and look to cross.

As this is happening our 2 strikers watch the ball and think about there movement( when and where to run to) Up on the ball been moved out wide our strikers make there runs (front to back - back to front - with striker who moves to the front we want him getting inside the front post on 6 yard line, and striker who moves to back in line with penalty spot and back post in case cross comes through)

the job of the opposite winger is to move in from touch line to get inside area and look to got on the end of the cross if it gets over hit.

This exercise has a lot of movement, its important to work on each unit at a time, and encourage quick passing and timing of movement.

we work both sides and get use to the set up, looking for communication all over the pitch, when wanting the ball or creating space to move in to.

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