Football/Soccer Session (Advanced): 9 v 9 Playing Out Of Pressure From a Deep Restart

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Julian Carr
Name: Julian Carr
Country: Canada
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Recognition of pressure with two strikers and using the pivot to break that pressure with the help of proper spacing with teammates.

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1
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Screen 1 (30 mins)

Set Up

9 v 9 on a 70 x 50 field area

9 x Red players (8 field players 1 x GK)

9 x Blue players (8 field players 1 x GK)

12 X Balls beside the goals

2 x regular sized goals


9 v 9 controlled scrimmage to build on the rondo in the previous activity

Looking to use the pressure from the defense against itself to create opportunities to move the ball out of Zone A and into Zone B

Looking to maintain possession and if possession is lost, get as many of our players behind the ball as quickly as possible

Looking to keep the ball central until space opens up on the wing and then it may be utilized

Looking to create opportunities to score playing centrally and using the opposition pressure against itself

Duration: 30 minutes 3 x 8 minute intervals with 2 minute rest and coaching point presentation

Coaching Points

Can the pivot recognize the opportunity to exploit the pressure and split the pressure in Zone A

How do our players recognize the pressure and adjust their body shape to receive the ball in a favorable position to help our pivot in distribution 

Can We play centrally as much as possible which then opens up the wings for advancement of the ball

Can we break lines by using the passing lanes that we have created to break the opponent's pressure

Ball MUST be played quickly in two and three touch intervals 


Defend with three strikers in the last 8 minutes to see how the team adjusts in case RMA changes their tactics to 3-4-3 with their pressure

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