Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Forward passing in advanced areas

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This practice is about attacking play, with the emphasis on quality passing and keeping possession. It will also encourage breaking lines and playing forward.

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Forward passing

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Forward passing
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Learning Objectives

Technical Technical
Ball control, first touch, passing, dribbling, shielding
Technical Tactical
Positional awareness, movement
Technical Physical
Running, change of direction
Technical Psychological
Awareness of space, decision-making
Technical Social

Forward passing (30 mins)


- Area 60x40yds, divided into 6 zones, with end zones 10x40yds, divided into 2 equal size areas & 2 central zones, each 20x40yds wide.

- 16 players, 1 ball.

- 3v3 in each central zone, 2 Target (T) players for each team in each of 2 end zones.

- Practice starts with the Whites in possession.

- Objective of game to pass through each of the 2 central zones to play into the opposing teams' Target players.

- Once achieved, T player passes ball to second T in adjoining end zone.

- Second T player passes into the central third player to change direction of play.

- Play offside.


1) Breakout of T zone if get it from your own players.

2) Exchanges of position in central zones, whilst maintaining balance is encouraged.

3) No restrictions in middle zones.

Coaching points

- Teams need to retain their positional balance & structure.

- Spread out

- Body position to help play forward - as ball travels, get in good body position

- Movement - how can you alter your position and (importantly) body position

- Let ball run across body where possible, but if marked tight, lay off and move for return as ball travels, then bypass with first touch).

- Try to bypass as many people as you can with first thing you do (first touch, run, pass)

- Run with ball into space - break lines.

- As next pass is being made, where's the space I can use next? What will make it difficult for the defenders?

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