Football/Soccer Session (Beginner): Knockout becomes Have A Ball

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Knockout becomes Have A Ball

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Knockout becomes Have A Ball
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Knockout becomes Have A Ball

Knockout: Players dribble their ball while trying to knock other player’s balls

outside of the grid. Players can never leave their own ball. If their ball gets

knocked out have them retrieve it quickly and get back into the game. Coach

can give a minor challenge 5 Juggles, 10 ball taps, sprint around the grid, etc.

before player can re-enter the grid.

Focus: Dribbling, Shielding Poke tackling

Have a Ball: Same set-up, but now one player in each grid begins without

a ball. The player without the ball now tries to win the ball off of any of the

dribblers. If he/she does so successfully, they now keep the ball and the person

who lost the ball tries to win any of the other balls back. You must win the ball,

you cannot kick it out. If the ball is kicked out the players who was dribbling

retrieves it and rejoins the game. Game should be played for 90 seconds. Who

doesn’t have a ball at the end? Assess a minor challenge for whoever is without

the ball.

Focus: Dribbling, Shielding, Winning the Ball, Transition

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