Football/Soccer Session (Academy Sessions): 14/07/12 – Dublin

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Karl Robinson
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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1
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14/07/12 – Dublin

11:05: Warm-Up DD – LC rehab session

One-two on outside, dribble into middle, pass to outside

Progression: trick/change of pace in middle

Swap with man on outside

11.12 Hamstring swings

More dynamic stretching (calves, hamstrings, quads, groins)

11.16 Jogging into middle, jogging backwards and then lengthening stride forwards to end

11.20: Sprinting to 5 different poles, nearest one first, decelerating after pole is reached. After deceleration walk back to start and sprint to next pole.

11.30 KR: Groups of 4 – first time passes, rotate/follow pass.

Progression: one man presses as man on outside takes touch. One-two then played to other side.

11.37: Short one-two (5-10 yards) followed by long pass to end man (30-40 yards) – follow pass and become subject of one-two. Then swap positions.

11.45: Possession KR: Diagonal passing round square, first time passes, groups of 9, rotating round square. AS received treatment halway through.

Progression: 2 balls

12.00: Possession MH: 6 men on outside of square, 6 v 6 in middle. Outside men receive ball and don’t move. Idea is to complete as many passes as possible whilst other team is there just to win ball back

12.20: Fitness DD –3 from each end at a time run into middle of pitch, change direction and make 10-20 yard run twice, before running back to edge of pitch, repeating several times. Men on edge are passing ball 5 yards whilst resting.

12.40 – Gleeson, Williams, Potter and O’Shea doing midfield shape drill with KR.

MH – Defenders + CC doing possession, 2 men in middle stop ball from being passed to 3 men on other side

IW – Strikers firing small ball first time into small goal unopposed, then against keeper

Finish around 1 p.m. Each session lapped

Total Minutes = 115

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