Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Creativity SSG

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This a normal zonal, limited touch SSG but with two different rules to usual. They help provide a more realistic game, whilst allowing players, especially dribblers, to be creative on the ball.

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Creativity SSG

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Creativity SSG
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Learning Objectives

Technical Technical
Spacial awareness, dribbling, passing, receiving
Technical Physical
Movement, support play, sprinting
Technical Psychological
Technical Social
Competitiveness, teamwork

Creativity SSG (30 mins)


This a normal zonal, limited touches SSG but with two different rules to usual.

Rule 1

Players are told that one third of the pitch must be (at most) three touch, one third must be (at most) two touch and one third must be one touch. The teams decide which zone has which, not the coach.

Teams tell the other teams their decision.

Goals can be scored from any zone and players are not restricted to zones.

Rule 2

In a normal touch restriction game, if a player takes too many touches, possession turns over. This is not the case in this SSG. If a player takes too many touches within their zone, they must try to score individually and cannot pass. So if the middle zone is a designated 2 touch zone and a player has a third touch, that player must either shoot or dribble into the attacking zone and try to score.

Coaching Points

After a while players will use this as a deliberate tactic/plot! The purpose of this rule is that ‘leaving’ a ball after having too many touches is unrealistic, and also touch restrictions may hinder the development of your team’s ‘dribblers’.


Every set period, call in the teams and ask them to change the touches/zone around. So if in the previous game the defensive zone was a three touch zone, the next round it must be either a 2 touch or 1 touch zone.

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