Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Game Training - BPO high press

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Game Training BPO press

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Game Training BPO press
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Game Training BPO press


Use 1/2 Pitch divided into half with cones/markers to define attacking third area (35M from goal line), thus the pitch is essentially divided into thirds

BPO Player 6 feeds ball from half way to either a defensive player or attacker who then plays it into the BP GK. As the ball travels to the GK the game becomes live, if the ball is played to the GK by a defender normal rules apply and GK can not pick ball up (i.e. must play with feet)

BP team have 30 seconds to score in three small goals on half way line (note centre goal just over half way acting as BP 10)

BP can only score from middle third after a pass from defensive third

BPO 10 can move between middle and attacking third always

BPO 6 can move into play but BPO 8 must come out to screen centre goal (i.e. BP target 10)

Only one BPO 6 and 8 can move into the attacking third at any one time to make a 5 v 4 in attacking third (but makes a 1 v 2 in middle third)

for BPO to score they must disposess in the front third, if BPO win posession in the middle third its played back to 6 starting position who starts game again

Team Task

When the BP team has the ball in their defensive third (BPO) prevent them from playing out into midfield third unopposed and attempt to, win the ball back as quickly as possible in our attacking third to get a shot on goal.

Player Actions

Forward 3 (9, 7 & 11) to press as a unit

10 to support 11, 9 & 7 to make it 4 v 4 in attacking third

11 and 7 show me how you can force the 2 and 5 back inside and prevent ball being played out down the line

9 and 10 show me how you can be in a position to prevent 3 and 4 playing it forward

9/10 you need to support the 7/11 when 2 or 5 are in posession

9/10 you can alternate with who presses higher on the 1st BP line to assist recovery

10 to support the 9 in pressing on 3/4, make a 2 v 1 where possible

If the ball is passed back to the GK can the 9 get into a position to pressure the pass from GK?

BPO player closest to BP to close space quickly and force play towards BPO team mates

All players how can we prevent the forward pass, force play sideways or backwards

6 and 8 show me how you can cut the passing channels out to BP 6 and 8 as well as balls down line

Coach Cues

11 and 7 as the balls travels towards the 2 and 5 show the space inside,

9 as the GK prepares to pass split the 3 and 4 encouraging the pass from GK

10 as the ball travels to either the 3 or 4 can you support your 9 by closing opposing central defender

all BPO players

AS the BP player in posession prepares to pass leave enough space to encourage pass to their closest player but be close enough to pressure player as they receive pass.

As the ball travels towards, Close BP player down quickly who has turned back towards goal to receive pass, do not allow them to turn to play forward

Start to move to close down the space when the BP player makes to pass

Players not closest to the BP receiver to move as ball is travelling into position to be ready for next BP pass

Watch the control of the player about to receive ball if they have poor control or need to put their head down sieze the opportunity to close down quickly

If player is noted as having poor first touch attempt to encourage towards them as likely chance of winning ball back

Be in a position that prevents the BP team passing forward easily

As you approach the BP player slow down, shape your body to force play in desired direction (towards your BPO team mates)

If we press as a unit the chances of winning the ball back are increased.

All players to play compact and squeeze opposition into small area, this makes passing through our lines difficult.

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