Football/Soccer Session (U9): 3v1 - Counter attack

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 3v1 - Counter attack

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 3v1 - Counter attack
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3v1 - Counter attack (20 mins)

Counter Attacking

Organisation - Group on the left make 5 passes then attack the defender 3 vs 1. To encourage passing and moving tell the players "no standing, no walking" when making the 5 passes.

Progression: Group on the right have to make 5 passes with a defender in the zone before attacking the defender 3 vs 1. To begin the defender is restricted to the area. To progress the defender makes a recovery run to make in 3 vs 2 in favour of the attackers.

After each go one of the attackers will rotate with a defender.

Further progressions. Limit players to 2 touch in order to move the ball quickly.

Challenge the players to score within 8 seconds of breaking out.

Learning Objectives Team - Counter Attacking. Quick. Direct. Can we use the width to clear the defender out to then exploit the space.

Learning Objectives Individual - Can your first touch take you forwards? If not can we pass forwards? Do not go backwards. Play passes to teammates into the space infront of them rather than to feet in order to penetrate quick.

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