Football/Soccer Session (Beginner): 2 v 2 ands 4 V 4 Mini Games

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 2 v 2

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 2 v 2
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2 v 2

Set out four mini pitches with premarked out areas or use cones. Amount of pitches can depend on numbers available

Divide 16 Players into four different colours and further divided into teams of two, if you have an odd number add floaters that can play with the team in possession. Allow all the players to experience additional players (Floaters). Encourage the players to work on short passing and receiving priorities ideally using their back foot for better control. Encourage fast movement and communication and accurate passing over short distances. Create achievable goals for the young players ie 3 passes 5 passes/1,2,3 Touch. Play

2 to 5 minute short games with regular interaction between the coach and players to discuss positives and negatives that can be improved on.


Link pitches together by removing cones or line restrictions to create 4 v 4 and add targets ie ball on cone that they have to knock off or small goals/no goalkeepers.

Keep players in original square/pitch in defensive and attacking roles then allow one defender at a time to cross halfway line to create 3 v 2 overload in attacking areas.

Finally open up playing area for full 4v4 game.

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